Spots across Japan where you can see capybaras bathing in hot springs



Why Do Capybaras Love Hot Springs?

The reason capybaras are fond of hot springs is often attributed to the fact that these animals, originating from cold regions, use the hot springs to warm their bodies. Although capybaras are native to South America and do not live in cold regions, they have developed a liking for hot springs as a means to relax and warm up. Additionally, the sight of capybaras bathing in hot springs has a soothing effect on people, making it a popular attraction.

When Do Capybaras Bathe in Hot Springs?

The period during which capybaras bathe in hot springs varies from facility to facility, but it generally takes place in the winter. Here is information on the hot spring bathing periods for capybaras at several facilities:

1. Izu Shaboten Zoo: The “Original Capybara Open-Air Bath – 41st Anniversary” is being held from November 18, 2023, to April 7, 2024. During this time, visitors can enjoy watching the capybaras bathe. Izu Shaboten Zoo is known as the originator of the capybara hot spring and has become a winter tradition.

2. Mother Farm: Here, the capybara bath begins on November 23, 2023, and continues until it gets warm enough that the capybaras no longer bathe. The event features young capybaras, especially one-year-olds, trying out the bath.

3. Suzaka Zoo: At Suzaka Zoo, the capybara hot spring is open from November 1, 2023, to February 29, 2024. During this period, the capybaras can be seen leisurely soaking in the warm water.

4. Nasu Animal Kingdom: At Nasu Animal Kingdom, a capybara hot spring is also set up each year during this period, allowing visitors to observe the capybaras bathing.

Based on this information, the period for capybara hot springs varies by facility, but it is generally from November to April. The exact period can also fluctuate based on the capybaras’ mood and the weather, so it may differ at each facility. The sight of capybaras bathing in hot springs is beloved by many and has become one of Japan’s winter traditions.

The Origin of Capybaras Bathing in Hot Springs

The origin dates back to 57 years ago (1966) at Izu Shaboten Park, where they first started keeping capybaras, a very rare animal in Japan at the time. In the winter of 1982, while cleaning the capybara enclosure using hot water, the staff noticed the animals relaxing in the warm puddles, dipping their feet and buttocks. This accidental discovery led to the realization that capybaras enjoyed bathing. Since then, the “Capybara Open-Air Bath” has been held annually at Izu Shaboten Park, now becoming a beloved winter tradition in Izu.

Where Can You Find Capybara Hot Springs? A Summary

Capybara hot springs can be found all over Japan. These facilities, scattered throughout the country, have become popular tourist attractions, attracting numerous visitors who come to enjoy the unique sight of these animals relaxing in hot springs.

**Capybara Hot Springs in Hokkaido:**

– **Ishikari, Hokkaido**:

The capybara hot spring can be found at Ban’ya no Yu in Ishikari City. This facility offers a 100% natural tea-brown hot spring, known for its capybara baths. Operating hours are from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM, and there is also a parking lot. For more details, you can check their official website or contact them by phone.

**Capybara Hot Springs in Sapporo:**

– As per the information available, there are no capybara hot springs in Sapporo.

**Capybara Hot Springs in Akita:**

– **Omoriyama Zoo, Akita**: Here, you can see capybaras enjoying a warm bath. The viewing times are from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM. Please contact them for specific dates.
– Address: 154 Hamadakatate, Akita City, Akita Prefecture 010-1654
– Phone: 018-828-5508

**Capybara Hot Springs in Kanto Region:**

– **Saitama**:

– **Tobu Zoo**:

Capybara hot springs are available here.
– Event Dates: December 22, 2023 (Friday), December 23, 2023 (Saturday) – February 24, 2024 (Saturday), every Saturday during the period.
– Event Time: Starts at 11:30 AM.
– Location: Squirrel Monkey Paradise.
– Admission: Free.
– Address: 110 Suka, Miyashiro Town, Minami Saitama County, Saitama Prefecture.
– Phone: 0480-93-1200

– **Saitama Children’s Zoo,Higashimatsuyama**:

Capybara hot springs are held here annually during the cold season.
– Event Dates: November 15, 2023 (Wednesday) – March 31, 2024 (Sunday).
– Contact Information:
– Address: 554 Iwadono, Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture 355-0065.
– Phone: 0493-35-1234
– Fax: 0493-35-0248

These capybara hot springs offer a unique and enjoyable experience, allowing visitors to observe the relaxing behavior of these fascinating animals.

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Chiba?

Mother Farm

  • Duration: From November 23, 2023, until the cold days end.
  • Time: Daily at 3:30 PM for about 10 minutes.
  • Location: Petting Farm.
  • Viewing: Free.
  • Official Website: Mother Farm News.
  • Note: The event may be canceled due to bad weather or the animals’ condition. Dogs are not allowed in the petting farm area.
  • Address: 940-3 Takura, Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture.
  • Phone: 0439-37-3211

Aloha Garden Tateyama (Tateyama City, Chiba)

Feeding of capybaras is available, but bathing seems to be an event. For more details, please inquire.

Official Twitter: Aloha Garden Twitter

Address: 1497 Fujiwara, Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture 294-0224

Phone: 0470-28-1511

Ichihara Elephant Country (Ichihara City, Chiba)

Capybara open-air baths do not seem to be available, but interaction with capybaras is possible.

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Kanagawa?

At “Nagai Umi no Te Park Soleil Hill” in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa, you can observe capybaras bathing in “Solei-yu”.

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Tokyo?

At Maxell Aquapark Shinagawa, on the 2nd floor’s “Aqua Jungle,” you can see capybaras in a warm water pool.

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Tochigi?

Nasu Animal Kingdom’s Capybara Hot Spring

The outdoor capybara bath is held during the winter season, from December 8, 2023, to March 15, 2024.

From October 1, 2023, to December 5, 2023, you can observe capybaras floating in the outdoor bath and soaking in the hot spring. Special events may also be held during this period.

For the exact times and details, it is recommended to check the official website.

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Gunma?

Kusatsu Onsen Osaru no Yu Momi Place – Osayu

At Kusatsu Onsen Osayu, there is a capybara hot spring known as “Kapiyu” on the 2nd floor.

Address: 505 Oaza Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture 377-1711

Operating Hours: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM / Closed on Wednesdays (except during peak seasons)

Kusatsu Tropical Zone

Capybaras bathe in the hot springs here.

Address: 286 Kusatsu, Kusatsu-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture 377-1711

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in the Chubu Region?

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Shizuoka?

Capybara Hot Springs in Izu

The capybara hot spring spot in Izu is located at Izu Shaboten Zoo.

Address: 1317-13 Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0231

At this facility, you can observe capybaras bathing in the hot springs. From late November to early April each year, the capybara family soaking in the open-air bath warms the hearts of many visitors. This facility has become nationally famous as the “winter tradition of Izu” with its capybara open-air bath.

When can you see capybaras bathing in the hot springs at Shaboten Park?

At Izu Shaboten Zoo, the “Original Capybara Open-Air Bath” occurs at the following times:

  • Weekdays: Once a day at 1:30 PM
  • Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, during winter and spring breaks: Twice a day at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM

Capybaras may soak in the bath for about an hour from the start of bathing. It’s less crowded later, so it’s advisable to view at a more relaxed time after the initial rush.

Nihondaira Zoo

You can see capybaras in the hot springs, and there’s also a massage bath. For more details, please inquire.

Official Website: Nihondaira Zoo

There are also blogs and tweets by the zookeepers.

Twitter: Nihondaira Zoo Twitter

Address: 1767-6 Ikeda, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 422-8005

Phone: 054-262-3251

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Aichi?

  • Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens
  • Non Hoi Park (Toyohashi General Zoological and Botanical Park)

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Gifu?

At the World Freshwater Aquarium Aquatotto Gifu, you can see capybaras bathing.

Address: 1453 Kawashima Kasadacho, Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture 501-6021

Phone: 0586-89-8200 / Fax: 0586-89-8201

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Nagano?

Suzaka City Zoo

You can see capybaras bathing in the hot springs here.

Address: 2-4-8 Garyu, Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture 382-0028

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Yamanashi?

Banriki Park

“Capybara’s Bath” is available on weekends and holidays from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM until the end of March. For inquiries, contact the park management office at 0553-23-1560.

Address: 1828 Banriki, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture 405-0031

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in the Kansai Region?

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Osaka?

At Sakai Green Museum Harvest Hill, you can see the capybara hot springs.

Address: 2405-1 Hachigamineji, Minami Ward, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture 590-0125

Date: Daily from December 2, 2023, to February 25, 2024

Time: During capybara interaction time

Admission: Free

For more information about capybaras at Tenpozan Anipa, please inquire at Tel. 06-6576-5700. Note: Misaki Park, which previously hosted capybaras, has closed.

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Wakayama?

Wakayama Castle Park Zoo

You can see a capybara in a simple bath that fits one at a time.

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Hyogo?

Kobe Animal Kingdom

Address: 7-1-9 Minatojima Minami-machi, Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 650-0047

Phone: 078-302-8899 / Fax: 078-302-8222

Himeji Central Park

There’s a special hot spring called “Capybara Spa” where capybara families relax. It features a clear bath, and during the winter solstice, a fragrant yuzu bath is available. However, availability may vary based on the capybaras’ mood, health, or weather conditions. The event starts from October 22, 2023, and the end date depends on the temperature. The Capybara Hot Springs are open from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, with the yuzu bath starting around December 22. The location is in the Capybara Garden at Himeji Central Park in Hyogo Prefecture. Viewing is free, but park admission is required. For more details and the latest information, visit the Himeji Central Park official website at https://www.central-park.c

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in the Chugoku Region?

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Okayama?

Ikeda Zoo hosts capybaras. The hot springs were created in 2018 thanks to donations from visitors.

YouTube Channel: Ikeda Zoo YouTube

Address: 2-5-1 Kyoyama, Kita Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture 700-0015

Phone: 086-252-2131

Website: Ikeda Zoo Capybara

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Tottori?

Daisen Tom Sawyer Pasture

Address: 622-2 Okanari, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture 689-3513

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Shikoku?

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Kagawa?

NEW Reoma World

Address: Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture, Ayauta District, Kurikuma West

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Kochi?

There are no locations in Kochi where you can see capybaras bathing in hot springs. However, capybaras can be found at Katsurahama Aquarium (Phone: 088-841-2437) and Kochi Prefectural Noichi Zoological Park (Phone: 0887-56-3500). Please contact each facility for more details.

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Kyushu?

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Oita?

Beppu Onsen, Yamajigoku

Address: 6 Goki, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

Phone: 0977-66-0647

Website: Yamajigoku

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Kumamoto?

Aso Cuddly Dominion’s “Capybara Pond”

Admission: Free

Address: 2163 Kurokawa, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-2225

Phone: 0967-34-2020

Aso Genki no Mori (Aso Farmland) “Animal Kingdom”

Address: 5580-8 Kawayo, Minamiaso Village, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-1404

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Kagoshima?

Hirakawa Zoological Park

Opening Hours: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Last entry at 04:30 PM)

Closed: December 29 to January 1

Address: 5669-1 Hirakawa-cho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-0133

Phone: 099-261-2326 / Fax: 099-261-2328

Where are Capybara Hot Springs in Nagasaki?

Nagasaki Bio Park

Time: 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM

Location: Capybara exhibit

Duration: November 26, 2023, to February 29, 2024

Special event: Zabon bath around the winter solstice (December 16 to 24)

Address: 2291-1 Nakayama-go, Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture 851-3302

Phone: 0959-27-1090

Hours: 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Last entry at 04:00 PM)

Where Can You Enjoy Hot Springs Alongside Capybaras?

Places where you can enjoy hot springs along with capybaras exist throughout Japan. Additionally, at Ban’ya no Yu in Ishikari City, Hokkaido, you can also enjoy the sight of capybaras bathing in the hot springs. These facilities offer the unique experience of enjoying hot springs alongside capybaras, making them popular with tourists.

Hot Springs with Capybaras at Nasu Animal Kingdom

At Nasu Animal Kingdom, there was a facility named “Kingdom Onsen Capybara no Yu” where visitors could bathe while watching capybaras in the hot springs. Currently, it is closed. Please contact them for more details.

This facility hosted the Capybara Hot Spring, where visitors could observe capybaras bathing. Each year, a bath named “Capybara Onsen” was set up, allowing observation of capybaras soaking in the warm water.